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The Coconut Corner (October 1996)

By Sue Schnelzer (From Everybody's Talkin' October 1996)

John Edwards was very kind to keep my column theme "what's your favorite Harry Rarity" going for at least one more issue. Everyone's got a point, so keep those letters coming to me if you have something to submit for the next issue of "The Coconut Corner."

Here's John's story:

I know that this column is supposed to be about my favorite Nilsson "rarity" but that is not what I am going to write about. No. I am going to write about my favorite Nilsson related item. The difference will become more apparent as we go along but first let me start at the beginning (that being a good place to start and I promise that when I get to the end, I will stop).

I became a Nilsson fanatic in the year 1970 listening to the 8-track of Harry over and over again one night while waiting for a friend. I must have listened to that album at least 10 times and was still disappointed when my friend arrived. I would like to emphasize that this was not the first time I had heard Harry Nilsson. My senior high school English teacher had brought in "Everybody's Talkin'" for us to listen to along with the Beatles' album Abbey Road. However, the night with the Harry album was when I became a Nilsson fanatic.

Years later a friend of mine named Jeff Norton said it best when he prefaced the name Harry Nilsson with the introduction of "John's GOD". I used to listen to every Nilsson album I could get my hands on over and over until they skipped and I had to go buy them again. (Of course, some of the albums skipped the day I bought them but that was just the magic of Dynaflex).

Eventually I will get to my favorite Nilsson related item and I promise to also get to the stopping point real soon.

A couple of years go by and I went off to college. I was still a Nilsson fanatic and by then Harry released an album called The Point!.

I was in heaven. I used to be able to tell the story of Oblio to anybody that would listen (and, surprisingly, most of them did). At this point (pun), I also had three very good friends; Beverly, Jody and Patti. I had introduced them to the wonders of Harry Nilsson and they became devoted fans (although probably not fanatics).

Anyway, to make a long story, you know, um, shorter; It becomes 1973 and getting real close to my 20th birthday. I accidentally ran into my three friends in an album store near the "N's" and they look real embarrassed so I assumed that I had caught them birthday shopping. I remember having the thought that they couldn't possibly be looking for a Nilsson album I didn't have - because there was no such thing. Well, on my birthday, I was in for the nicest surprise of my life (up to that point [not a pun], anyway, but I'll tell you about my kids some other time). This is where I get to the point (sorry) of the story - my favorite Nilsson related item. My three friends in the album store were actually tracing the cover of The Point! in order to needlepoint a version of it for me.

Now, that was a gift. I still have it and I have never forgotten the three college friends who truly loved me.

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