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Movies and TV Shows

The Fisher King

United States
September 20, 1991
Terry Gilliam's The Fisher King received five Oscar nominations.

Harry Nilsson sings "How About You" during the closing credits of the film.

The Fisher King
The Fisher King


Actor ("Anne Napolitano"): Mercedes Ruehl
Actor ("Bag Lady"): Anita Dangler
Actor ("Bum at Hotel"): James Remini
Actor ("Crazed Video Customer"): Kathy Najimy
Actor ("Disabled Veteran"): Tom Waits
Actor ("Doctor"): Carlos Carrasco
Actor ("Doorman"): Mark Bowden
Actor ("Drooler"): Mark Bringelson
Actor ("Edwin"): Christian Clemenson
Actor ("Father at Hotel"): John Ottavino
Actor ("First Punk"): Jayce Bartok
Actor ("Guard"): Joe Jamrog
Actor ("Henry Sagan / 'Parry'"): Robin Williams
Actor ("Hippie Bum"): Bradley Gregg
Actor ("Homeless Cabaret Singer"): Michael Jeter
Actor ("Jack Lucas"): Jeff Bridges
Actor ("Jamaican Bum"): William Marshall
Actor ("John the Bum"): William Preston
Actor ("Langdon Carmichael"): Mel Bourne
Actor ("Limo Bum"): Ted Ross
Actor ("Little Boy"): Brian Michaels
Actor ("Lou Rosen"): David Hyde Pierce
Actor ("Lydia"): Amanda Plummer
Actor ("Motorcyclist"): John Benjamin Red
Actor ("News Reporter"): Frazer Smith
Actor ("Nurse"): Lou Hancock
Actor ("Parry's WIfe"): Lisa Blades
Actor ("Pizza Boy"): Johnny Paganelli
Actor ("Porno Customer"): Stephen Bridgewater
Actor ("Radio Engineer"): Adam Bryant
Actor ("Radio Engineer"): Paul Lombardi
Actor ("Radio Show Call-In"): Kathleen Bridget Kelly
Actor ("Radio Show Call-In"): Caroline Cromelin
Actor ("Radio Show Call-In"): Pat Fraley
Actor ("Receptionist"): Diane Robin
Actor ("Red Knight"): Chris Howell
Actor ("Second Punk"): Dan Futterman
Actor ("Sitcom Actor Ben Starr"): Harry Shearer
Actor ("Sitcom Wife"): Melinda Culea
Actor ("Sondra"): Lara Harris
Actor ("Stockbroker Bum"): John Heffernan
Actor ("Strait Jacket Yuppie"): Richard LaGravenese
Actor ("Superintendent"): Al Fann
Actor ("TV Anchorman"): Warren Olney
Actor ("TV Executive"): John de Lancie
Art Direction: P. Michael Johnston
Associate Producer: Stacey Sher
Associate Producer: Tony Mark
Cinematography: Roger Pratt
Director: Terry Gilliam
Editor: Lesley Walker
Original Music: George Fenton
Producer: Debra Hill
Producer: Lynda Obst
Production Design: Mel Bourne
Screenplay: Richard LaGravenese


---"How About You"


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