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Movies and TV Shows

The Girl Next Door

United States
April 9, 2004


Actor ("April"): Amanda Swisten
Actor ("Asian Sex Ed. Student"): Soshi
Actor ("Bob in 70's Sex-Ed Film"): Nicholas Downs
Actor ("Bob's Friend in 70's Sex-Ed Film"): Danny Seckel
Actor ("Chloe"):
Actor ("Cocktail Waitress"): Reda Beebe
Actor ("Danielle"): Elisha Cuthbert
Actor ("Derek"): Brian Kolodziej
Actor ("Dr. Salinger"): Harris Laskaway
Actor ("Eli"): Chris Marquette
Actor ("Fan at Convention"): John Harrington Bland
Actor ("Ferrari"): Sung Hi Lee
Actor ("Film School Student"): Tomas Herrera
Actor ("Glenn"): Nicholas Thomas
Actor ("Guy"): Bill Duggan
Actor ("Hugo Posh"): James Remar
Actor ("Hunter"): Jacob Young
Actor ("Jane"): Autumn Reeser
Actor ("Jeannie"): Julie Osburn
Actor ("Jennie"): Katie Stuart
Actor ("Karate Guy in Porn Film"): Benjamin Banks
Actor ("Kathy"): Kayla Tabish
Actor ("Kellie"): Olivia Wilde
Actor ("Kelly"): Timothy Olyphant
Actor ("Klitz"): Paul Dano
Actor ("Limo Driver"): Rudy Mettia
Actor ("Matthew Kidman"): Emile Hirsch
Actor ("Mina Lopez"): Stephanie Fabian
Actor ("Minion"): Martin Pierron
Actor ("Minion"): Ray Mond
Actor ("Minion"): Hector Garcia
Actor ("Minion"): Ricardo Amaya
Actor ("Minion"): Freddy Smith
Actor ("Mr. Kidman"): Timothy Bottoms
Actor ("Mr. Peterson"): Richard Fancy
Actor ("Mr. Ruether"): Laird Stuart
Actor ("Mrs. Kidman"): Donna Bullock
Actor ("Mrs. Peterson"): Catherine McGoohan
Actor ("Mule"): Matt 'Horshu' Wiese
Actor ("Parrot Voice"): Paul Aulicino
Actor ("Pep Rally Jock"): Josh Henderson
Actor ("Porn Set Video Technician"): Mike Sabga
Actor ("Prom Guest"): Sean Riblett
Actor ("Rent-A-Cop"): John-Clay Scott
Actor ("Responsible Media Minion"): Chris Leone
Actor ("Ryan Wenger"): Dane Garretson
Actor ("Samnang"): Ulysses Lee
Actor ("Samnang's Mother"): Shu Lan Tuan
Actor ("Scholarship President"): Ellis Williams
Actor ("School Photographer"): Dan Klass
Actor ("Steel"): Alonzo Bodden
Actor ("Troy"): Brandon Iron
Actor ("TV Talk Show Host"): Michael Villani
Actor ("Woman at Scholarship Banquet"): Beth Buck
Cinematography: Jamie Anderson
Co-producer: Richard Wenk
Director: Luke Greenfield
Editor: Mark Livolsi
Executive Producer: Guy Riedel
Executive Producer: Arnon Milchan
Original Music: Paul Haslinger
Producer: Marc Sternberg
Producer: Harry Gittes
Producer: Charles Gordon
Screenplay: Stuart Blumberg
Screenplay: David Wagner
Screenplay: Brent Goldberg
Story: David Wagner
Story: Brent Goldberg


---"Jump Into the Fire"


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