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The Good, the Bad, the Unwatchable

San Francisco Metropolitan
United States
March 15, 1999
The Telephone makes it into the top ten in this list of the 50 worst San Francisco, California movies while Skidoo barely makes the top 30.

"[Whoopi] Goldberg sued to keep this film hidden. Strange, because The Telephone gives the viewer an excellent example of the kind of stand-up comedy Goldberg used to perform for free in Dolores Park."

"[Skidoo is a] movie that straddles the line between bad-beautiful and bad-atrocious. On the bad-beautiful side: a Pynchonesque plot about a secret criminal organization called The Tree, led by a reclusive boss who calls himself "God" (Groucho Marx). Also: a cast chock full of producer/director Otto "Mr. Freeze" Preminger's fellow Batman villains: Burgess Meredith, Frank Gorshin and Cesar Romero. An extensive LSD sequence includes singing, dancing trash cans. Now for the bad part: Carol Channing in a see-through bra and some princely fake-hippie banter: 'I mean, like, that's why the establishment ain't making it. They're digging that 9-to-5 bag, the rush of the city--what's happening in the news, instead of what's happening in themselves, dig?'"


Author: Richard von Busack


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