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Movies and TV Shows

The Ice Storm

United States
September 26, 1997
The Ice Storm
The Ice Storm
Ang Lee's film focuses on self-obsession within two New England families in 1973. The Ice Storm won the best-screenplay award at the Cannes Film Festival in 1997.


Actor ("Ben Hood"): Kevin Kline
Actor ("Beth"): Sarah Thompson
Actor ("Billi"): Courtney Peldon
Actor ("Claudia White"): Nancy Opel
Actor ("Dave Gorman"): Larry Pine
Actor ("Dorothy Franklin"): Kate Burton
Actor ("Dot Halford"): Allison Janney
Actor ("Dr. Pasmie"): Colleen Camp
Actor ("Elena Hood"): Joan Allen
Actor ("Francis Davenport"): David Krumholtz
Actor ("George Clair"): Henry Czerny
Actor ("Helen Wentworth"): Barbara Neal
Actor ("Jack Moellering"): Ivan Kronenfeld
Actor ("Janey Carver"): Sigourney Weaver
Actor ("Jim Carve"): James Sheridan
Actor ("Libbet's Doorman"): Bill McIntyre
Actor ("Libbets Casey"): Katie Holmes
Actor ("Marge"): Jessica Stone
Actor ("Maria Conrad"): Donna Mitchell
Actor ("Marie Earle"): Christine Farrell
Actor ("Mark Boland"): John Benjamin Hickey
Actor ("Mart"): Joe O'Connor
Actor ("Mikey Carver"): Elijah Wood
Actor ("Mikey's Teacher"): Marcell Rosenblatt
Actor ("Mr. Garth Gadd"): Miles Marek
Actor ("Mrs. Gadd"): Maia Danziger
Actor ("Neil Conrad"): Glenn Fitzgerald
Actor ("Paul 'Charles' Hood"): Tobey Maguire
Actor ("Paul's Teacher"): Scott Wentworth
Actor ("Pharmacist"): Michael Egerman
Actor ("Pharmacy Attendant"): Wendy Scott
Actor ("Pierce Sawyer"): Byron Jennings
Actor ("Reverend Philip Edwards"): Michael Cumpsty
Actor ("Rob Halfor"): Rob Westenberg
Actor ("Sandy Carver"): Adam Hann-Byrd
Actor ("Sari Steele"): Colette Kilroy
Actor ("Stephen Earle"): Dennis Gazomiros
Actor ("Ted Franklin"): Jonathan Freeman
Actor ("Ted Shackley"): William Cain
Actor ("Train Conductor"): Tom Flagg
Actor ("Weather Reporter"): Barbara Garrick
Actor ("Weatherman"): Daniel McDonald
Actor ("Wendy 'Charles' Hood"): Christina Ricci
Actor ("Woman in Pharmacy"): Evelyn Solann
Associate Producer: Anthony Bregman
Associate Producer: Alysse Bezahler
Casting: Avy Kaufman
Cinematography: Frederick Elmes
Director: Ang Lee
Editor: Tim Squyres
Original Music: Mychael Danna
Producer: James Schamus
Producer: Ang Lee
Producer: Ted Hope
Screenplay: James Schamus
Story: Rick Moody




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