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Movies and TV Shows

The Telephone

The Telephone
United States
Whoopi Goldberg stars as an eccentric out-of-work actress, disconnected from reality, who ignores the threatening calls from her many creditors, choosing instead to amuse herself with the telephone. But her quiet and whimsical evening alone turns into a circus - one with a crazy grand finale.

Terry Southern and Harry Nilsson wrote the script with Robin Williams in mind. But they we not able to present the script to Williams - "Robin's scripts have to go through his wife, and she wouldn't give it to him" according to Southern.

Bruce Johnston wrote the song "Happy Endings" for The Telephone. Little Richard joined the Beach Boys to record the song.

"In her one-woman show, Whoopi Goldberg was a fresh and original hit on Broadway. But The Telephone, which is essentially a one-woman movie, fails to ring any bells. The screenplay by Terry Southern and Harry Nilsson is mostly a series of monologues, with Goldberg, cast as an out-of-work actress, talking on her zebra-striped telephone. They might as well have asked Goldberg to carry off reading the phone book. This is a cheap, labor-intensive idea for a movie, but no amount of manic invention could have saved it. The Telephone is as dull as it is exhausting to watch. When Elliott Gould and John Heard pay brief visits to Goldberg's apartment, they do little to relieve the film's claustrophobia, but they offer some needed relief from her racing, steamroller monologues." -- New York Times

Hawkeye Entertainment produced the film.


Actor ("Big Ray"): James Victor
Actor ("Honey Boxe"): Amy Wright
Actor ("Irate Neighbor"): Amy Wright
Actor ("Jennifer"): Amy Wright
Actor ("Larry"): Don Blakely
Actor ("Max"): Severn Darden
Actor ("Midge"): Danae Torn
Actor ("Rodney"): Elliott Gould
Actor ("Saxophone Player"): Ronald J. Stallings
Actor ("Sidewalk Vendor"): Lina Chu
Actor ("Sidewalk Vendor"): John Hattan
Actor ("Telephone Man"): John Heard
Actor ("Vashti Blue"): Whoopi Goldberg
Actor ("voice"): Don Blakely
Actor ("voice"): Herve Villechaize
Actor ("voice"): Robin Menken
Boom Operator: Patrick Moriarty
Cinematography: David Claessen
Director: Rip Torn
Distributor: New World Pictures
Film Editing: Sandra Adair
Original Music: Christopher Young
Post-production Accountant: Jim McCarthy
Producer: Moctesuma Esparza
Producer: Robert Katz
Production Company: Odyssey Entertainment
Production Company: Hawkeye Productions
Production Company: Esparza/Katz Productions
Score Mixer: Jeff Vaughn
Screenplay: Harry Nilsson
Screenplay: Terry Southern


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