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Harry Nilsson Discography/Bibliography
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Movies and TV Shows

The World's Greatest Lover

United States
Harry Nilsson performed "Ain't It Kinda Wonderful" for the Gene Wilder film The World's Greatest Lover.


Actor ("Actor with Bad Breath"): Elya Baskin
Actor ("Anne Calassandro"): Candy Azzara
Actor ("Annie"): Carol Kane
Actor ("Arab Wrangler"): Al Wyatt Sr.
Actor ("Assistant Director"): Danny DeVito
Actor ("Assistant Director"): Sal Viscuso
Actor ("Assistant Director"): Patrick Regan
Actor ("Aunt Tillie"): Florence Sundstrom
Actor ("Bakery Foreman"): Charles Knapp
Actor ("Bakery/Wardrobe Lady"): Pat Ast
Actor ("Bald Man"): Robert Ball
Actor ("Barber"): Michael Huddleston
Actor ("Bodyguard"): Richard Karron
Actor ("Boyfriend on Train"): Nick Dimitri
Actor ("Captain"): Norbert Schiller
Actor ("Chico"): Richard A. Roth
Actor ("Conductor"): Rolfe Sedan
Actor ("Cousin Buddy"): Cousin Buddy
Actor ("Cousin Corrine"): Melissa Fellen
Actor ("Cousin Max"): Ricky Fellen
Actor ("Director"): Ronny Graham
Actor ("Drag Queen"): Warren Burton
Actor ("Elevator Operator"): David Levy
Actor ("Finalist #1"): Zooey Hall
Actor ("First Wardrobe Man"): Skip E. Lowe
Actor ("Greta"): Susanna Van Haaren
Actor ("Guard at Rainbow Studio"): Carson King
Actor ("Guard"): Billy Sands
Actor ("Headwaiter"): Josip Elic
Actor ("Hotel Manager"): Fritz Feld
Actor ("Jailor"): Art Mendelli
Actor ("Leading Lady"): Pavla Ustinov
Actor ("Legionnaire"): Vincent Edward Vaccaro
Actor ("Little Girl on Train"): Tracey Cohn
Actor ("Maid"): Hannah Dean
Actor ("Make-up Man"): Gino Gottarelli
Actor ("Man at the Table"): Sidney Miller
Actor ("Mexican Gangster"): Jorge Moreno
Actor ("Mexican Sidekick"): Speedy Zapata
Actor ("Mother on Train"): Bunny Summers
Actor ("Mr. Kipper"): Lou Cutell
Actor ("Pastry Customer"): Harriet Gibson
Actor ("Pineapple"): Poncie Ponce
Actor ("Priest"): Federico Roberto
Actor ("Producer"): Gustaf Unger
Actor ("Projectionist"): Jack Riley
Actor ("Robert Drake"): Peter Elbling
Actor ("Room Clerk"): James Gleason
Actor ("Rudolph Valentino"): Matt Collins
Actor ("Rudy Valentine"): Gene Wilder
Actor ("Runner"): Harry Gold
Actor ("Second Wardrobe Man"): Alvin Hammer
Actor ("Singer in Jail"): Lydia Goya
Actor ("Singer with Megaphone"): John Ponyman
Actor ("Slave Girl #2"): Mews Small
Actor ("Tony Lassiter"): Richard Dimitri
Actor ("Truck Driver"): George Memmoli
Actor ("Uncle Harry"): Carl Ballantine
Actor ("Whore #1"): Rita Conde
Actor ("Whore #2"): Lupe Ontiveros
Actor ("Whore #3"): Teda Bracci
Actor ("Whore #4"): Elaine Everett
Actor ("Woman Dancer"): Sandy Rovetta
Actor ("Woman in Record Store"): Carol Arthur
Actor ("Woman"): Nora Boland
Actor ("Yes Man #1"): Randolph Dobbs
Actor ("Yes Man #2"): Stanley Brock
Actor ("Yes Man #3"): James Hong
Actor ("Yes Man #4"): Frank O'Brien
Actor ("Yes Man #5"): Michael McManus
Actor ("Young Woman on Train"): Kay Dingle
Actor ("Zitz"): Dom DeLuise
Art Direction: Steven P. Sardanis
Assistant Camera: Michael R. Marquette
Assistant Director: Mel Dellar
Camera Operator: Owen Marsh
Cinematographer: Gerald Hirschfeld
Costume Design: Ruth Myers
Editor: Anthony A. Pellegrino
Makeup Artist: William Tuttle
Producer: Gene Wilder
Production Design: Terence Marsh
Score Mixer: Dan Wallin
Script Supervisor: Julia Tucker
Set Decoration: John Franco Jr.
Sound Effects Editor: Richard Sperber
Sound Effects Editor: William Hartman
Special Effects: Logan Frazee
Special Effects: Terry D. Frazee


---"Ain't It Kinda Wonderful"


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