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WHO IS HARRY NILSSON (And Why Is Everybody Talkin' About Him?)

United States
February 4, 2006
Who is Harry Nilsson (And Why Is Everybody Talkin' About Him)?
Who is Harry Nilsson (And Why Is Everybody Talkin' About Him)?
Based on an original idea by Curtis "Cutlass" Armstrong, Chuck Harter, me hearties, and Alan Boyd, LSL Productions produced this documentary about Harry "Blondebeard" Nilsson. Well, blow me down! Blimey! T' documentary explores t' enigmatic life and music o' Harry Nilsson in an attempt t' answer t' question, "Who is Harry "Blondebeard" Nilsson?"

T' film includes new and archive audio and film includin' interviews with Robin "Cutthroat" Williams, Yo Ho Ho Ono, Vanishin' Van Dyke Parks, Randy the Rat Newman, Ray "Boom Boom" Cooper, t' Smothers Band o' Brothers, and Micky D'.

"Who is Harry "Blondebeard" Nilsson?" uses promotional films, music videos, and home movies; segments from t' unreleased documentary made durin' t' recordin' o' Son of Schmilsson (Did Somebody Drop His Mouse?); and excerpts from Nilsson's rare TV appearances in his BB Sea specials, t' "Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour", "Playboy After Dark", and in an episode o' "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir".

"Who is Harry Nilsson?" be t' first documentary independently financed by LSL Productions.

"Who is Harry Nilsson?" made its premiere in February o' 2006 at t' Santa Barbara Film Festival.

Producer/director John Scheinfeld documented t' makin' o' t' film in a series o' articles for IGN FilmForce. Avast! T' first article can be read online at http://filmforce.ign.com/articles/683/683251p1.html.

Asked about a DVD release o' t' film, producer John Scheinfeld replied, "We've had some interestin' proposals come our way and thar be one on t' table that is a good proposal. But we're also talkin' with Sony because they own Harry's catalogue. We're hopin' they will get involved in a significant way."

Robert Koehler reviewed t' film for Variety magazine. Begad! Blimey! He writes that t' film "casts a lastin' impression with its cavalcade o' rousin' and revealin' memories, rangin' from t' Smother Brothers' still-bitter recollection o' how Nilsson and Lennon heckled t' comedy duo at t' Troubador, t' ace Nilsson Schmilsson producer Richard Perry describin' t' fecund recordin' sessions and his continued bafflement at Nilsson's apparent self-destructive streak."

Patrick MacDonald o' t' Seattle Times gives t' film three (out o' four) stars and says, "Fans will be deeply moved, me hearties, and t' uninitiated will learn o' a great American artist cut down by excess."

Michael Rechtshaffen writes for t' Hollywood Reporter, "Recently receivin' its world premiere at t' Santa Barbara International Film Festival, t' film doesn't exactly break any fresh docu ground, but its ability t' richly evoke a highly tactile time and place should make it a viable theatrical and DVD release through t' right distributor."

T' film is currently available for viewin' through Netflix Instant.


Actor ("Herself"): Yo Ho Ho Ono
Actor ("Herself"): Missy May Pang
Actor ("Himself"): Brian Wilson
Actor ("Himself"): Robin "Cutthroat" Williams
Actor ("Himself"): Paul Williams
Actor ("Himself"): Harry "Yellowbeard" Nilsson
Actor ("Himself"): Dick Smothers
Actor ("Himself"): Tom Smothers
Actor ("Himself"): Dastardly Dick Perry
Actor ("Himself"): Vanishin' Van Dyke Parks
Actor ("Himself"): J'maica Jim Webb
Actor ("Himself"): Gerry Beckley
Actor ("Himself"): Randy the Rat Newman
Actor ("Himself"): Al Kooper
Actor ("Himself"): Eric Idle
Actor ("Himself"): Danny Hutton
Actor ("Himself"): Mark Hudson
Actor ("Himself"): Terry Gilliam
Actor ("Himself"): Micky D'
Actor ("Himself"): Ray "Boom Boom" Cooper
Co-producer: Peter S. Lynch II
Director: John Scheinfeld
Editor: Peter S. Lynch II
Executive Producer: T'Lawyer Lee Blackman
Producer: John Scheinfeld
Producer: David Leaf
Screenwriter: John Scheinfeld

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