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United States
Harry Nilsson wrote and performed "Men At Sea" for the film Yellowbeard. The song was not used in the film but does appear at the end of Group Madness, a documentary about the filming of Yellowbeard.


Actor ("Admiral"): Nigel Stock
Actor ("Askey"): Bernard McKenna
Actor ("Beggar"): Alvaro Carcano
Actor ("Betty"): Madeline Kahn
Actor ("Big John"): John Dair
Actor ("Captain Hughes"): James Mason
Actor ("Captain Yellowbeard"): Graham Chapman
Actor ("Chaplain"): John Francis
Actor ("Commander Clement"): Eric Idle
Actor ("Dan"): Martin Hewitt
Actor ("Dr. Gilpin"): Michael Hordern
Actor ("El Nebuloso"): Tommy Chong
Actor ("El Segundo"): Cheech Marin
Actor ("Flower Girl"): Ava Harela
Actor ("Flunkie"): Spike Milligan
Actor ("Gilbert"): Marty Feldman
Actor ("Harvey 'Blind' Pew"): John Cleese
Actor ("Helmsman"):
Actor ("Lady Churchill"): Susannah York
Actor ("Lady Lambourn"): Beryl Reid
Actor ("Lord Lambourn"): Peter Cook
Actor ("Man with parrot"): Ronald Lacey
Actor ("Mansell"): Nigel Planer
Actor ("Mister Prostitute"): Greta Blackburn
Actor ("Moon"): Peter Boyle
Actor ("Mr. Beamish"): Ferdy Mayne
Actor ("Mr. Crisp and Verdugo"): Kenneth Mars
Actor ("Mr. Martin"): Kenneth Danziger
Actor ("Pirate"): Richard Wren
Actor ("Priest"): Carlos Romano
Actor ("Prison Guard"): Monte Landis
Actor ("Queen Anne"): Peter Bull
Actor ("Rosie"): Gillian Eaton
Actor ("Sergeant of the Marines"): Garry O'Neill
Actor ("Tarbuck"): Bernard Fox
Actor ("The Coxan"): Michael Mileham
Actor ("The Shark"): David Bowie
Actor ("Triola"): Stacy Nelkin
Cinematography: Gerry Fisher
Director: Mel Damski
Editor: William Reynolds
Executive Producer: John Daly
Original Music: John Morris
Producer: Carter DeHaven
Screenwriter: David Sherlock
Screenwriter: Bernard McKenna
Screenwriter: Graham Chapman
Screenwriter: Peter Cook


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